Substantial Increases at Kiziltepe

Kiziltepe Whittle Update

A recent Auralia Whittle optimisation review illustrated large volume increases in potential pit sizes and increased mine life at the Kiziltepe project based on the back of a recent Mineral Resource update. The updated Mineral Resource estimate increased total contained gold by 44,500 oz and total contained silver by 886,000 oz, all up totaling 195,200 oz Au and 3.15M oz Ag of contained metal in the four main Kiziltepe veins.

The  Auralia Whittle optimisation work demonstrated the potential for the Kiziltepe area to provide a mine life of about 10 years at a designed throughput rate of 150,000 tonnes per annum for the Red Rabbit Project. (This excludes several subsidiary veins, which with further work may add further to mine life)

Note: The Kiziltepe resource is part of the Red Rabbit Project, a Joint Venture. It will be 50% owned by Ariana once mine construction is completed in 2016. For more information on the work contained in this latest release, please visit here

[Picture: Ariana Resources plc]

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