Mens Health Week

MHBB 2016

It was recently Men’s Health Week and Auralia was enthusiastic to attend the Mens Health Breakfast 2016 with speakers such as Greg Hire from the Perth Wildcats as part of a campaign to spread the message of encouraging communities across Australia to reach out to men, boys and their families to promote physical health and mental wellbeing.

While we have wonderful awareness campaigns and initiatives for women in the mining industry like the recent pink truck campaign at Roy Hill, it is important not to lose sight of men’s health issues too. This lack of awareness has led to more men now dying in Australia due to prostate cancer than women are of breast cancer.

In addition, mental health issues effecting men are on the rise, and now sadly account for more WA yearly deaths by suicide than the combined road toll.

If you’d like to know more about Men’s Health Week, please visit here

(Some photos: Men’s Health WA)

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