Greg Wins His Second Title!

The race for the top spot in this years Auralia Footytipping Competition was tight! With just a few rounds to go you could’ve thrown a blanket over the top 15, but Greg McIntosh managed to pull out a very consistent performance and timed his final Joker just right to come over the top the ‘peloton’ and snatch his 2nd overall win (having taken out the competition in 2013 as well!) Another former overall winner Keith Ross just pipped 3rd place Jodi Tuffin on margin; with both tippers tied on overall points it came down to separation via margin count-back.

Greg, who works at Chevron, was very happy with his win and thanked Auralia and his fellow tippers for another great year of banter and fun. He was warned however that a 3rd win would probably see him lynched and sent packing out of the competition! :)

The Auralia Footytipping Competition is free to enter for those in the mining industry, with the chance to win cash prizes and round vouchers. If you’d like to be involved in our 9th year of tipping fun, stay tuned to the website in the first quarter of 2016 for further updates.

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